Hot Mess Monday: Souvenir Stocking Stuffers?

Posted on September 24, 2012 by Beth Yost

(Souvenir shop in Amsterdam)

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Are you surprised?)

Violation: A knitted cock sock and snake sweater peer out of an Amsterdam storefront; I deem them the tackiest souvenirs I’ve encountered yet. (And I promise you, I’m always on the lookout.) Mind you, it’s not the most offensive thing ever displayed in an Amsterdam storefront, but as far as Amsterdam souvenirs that can be packed neatly (and legally) in a suitcase?  It gets the job done — but not without raising some eyebrows in customs. I applaud you Amsterdam, a dignified golf clap in the least, for providing the masses the opportunity to experience a cock sock. Until now, men could only figuratively joke about choking their chicken and petting their python.

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A Solo Journey Backpacking Northern Europe: The Itinerary (Roughly)

Posted on November 4, 2011 by Beth Yost

The mystical beauty, rich Nordic folklore, and maritime past of Scandinavia fascinates me, so much in fact, that I was willing to forego backpacking through much warmer climates in favor of exploring the land of the Vikings at the onset of winter.  Armed with one really warm coat and a new camera lens, I’m currently experiencing the culture, cuisine, land, and people of Northern Europe.


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